Monday, 23 September 2013

The salad meal

Now I always thought that eating salad for a meal is pretty cool - I finally tried it today.

It all started... yesterday when my boyfriend told me he ate salad for breakfast because salad store has the least queue in the morning.

fuck, he is skinny enough, SKINNIER  THAN ME, and he runs more often than me and now he eats salad for breakfast?!?!?!? no way I'm going to lose out (I refuse to be heavier than him damn!). So I bought a box of veggies.

WOOHOO! Lots of veggies. I added beef & avocado for the fear of being hungry. I even added 2 pieces of home made bread.

Trust me, this is the largest bowl of veggy I ate in my life.
And... Guess what.

This is the process of eating salad:
Before salad: Hungry
During: Hungrier
After: still hungry, and even hungrier than ever

Now, when people tell u that you could just settle a meal via salad. therefore you could stay slim foreverrrrr...... THAT IS A LIEEEEE!!!!! I FEEL SOOOO HUNGRY that i had to go for a second serving.

With an egg this time.and even more avocado.

and... I'm still fucking hungry.

And that is just my breakfast.......

salad meal sucks. well maybe I just havent found a right mix of vegetables.



  1. I get what u mean about salads. LOL

  2. hahaha!! yes!! just... doesnt work for me. damn