Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Fashion Trends for fall 2013

Now I don't really care about trends for the 10000000000times, and trends to me looks around the same each season. For makeup, you always have clear skin, deep red lips, smokey/metallic eyes.... For fashion, its always the similar color tones, perhaps with a little change in style.

This year, crop is in. I mean, crop top. It may not be everyone's favorite since it is revealing. However, I think it is not so hard to wear a crop top as long as it is cut at the right place.

This is mid length to me, it shows off a little of your tummy. It's long sleeve also made it suitable for fall seasons. I could see colder countries throwing a jacket over it though.

Or if you're not confident with your tummy, just wear a high waist skirt to cover it up. I am a fan of pencil skirts, so if you could find a plain color one, you could pair it with corporate looking pencil skirt really easily. Topped with a jacket, you're basically reason to rock your work place. Transition to night time is really easy. Remove jacket, and pull your skirt down just a little bit. :)

This is the kind that I am quite keen in getting. It is very cropped, and it stops almost right after your boobs. I don't know about you, but I am quite boney at the part after the boobs. I have quite huge bones though, so sometimes they poke out a little bit. Bt I do have thicker layer around my tummy. Anyway, back to the top.. I feel that this length just reveals what I am comfortable with, and I could wear a flare or pencil skirt to hide the parts I don't love.
FYI, This photo looks like a sports bra though.......

Fall seasons are usually more gloomy/darker.

This year in particular, I've seen a lot of maroon, army green, greys.

 A really easy chunky sweater is essential for colder parts. Singapore is relatively hot, but its getting colder, and we could do with a thinner one. A pretty on trend pairing would be to get chunky sweaters and get it paired with skinny jeans. I feel that looks really modern. Even pencil skirt works really well with chunky sweater.

Both camo prints and army green kind of color is very popular this time. I like the jacket above because it ha quite a fitted cut, yet it gives more masculinity through the leather patches. A very handsome jacket. This really goes well with almost anything you wear. Obviously, nothing too girly to be paired with this. Otherwise you lose its' point.

3. Floral prints

Floral prints are so popular! It is everywhere. I'd say floral prints has been quite popular all these years, but it is just this year we really see the florals emerge. Floral prints could look really old and silly. I don't like floral prints there are too tiny, because they reminds me of my grandmother. I don't like it too big either. It looks like my pajamas. Something in the middle is really good. When choosing floral prints, the color is so important. You get the focus wrong, it wouldn't look good anymore. I love the one above because the colors are simple. Basically there are only 2 main colors - pinks & black. I like to pair floral items with solid color items, and specifically choose a minority color from the floral item to be the solid color one.
So for the top above, the minority color is black. I would pair it with a black jeans/pencil skirt.

This is what I don't like when it comes to floral prints. This looks really old even though it is not really floral. It's just... wrong.

If loud prints are too much for you, start off with something simple. This white pair of jeans is perfect! I love how scattered the patterns are. Pair it with a statement jacket and you're good to go.

4. Leather

Leather additions are pretty. I always kind of liked it. Be it a leather top with skirt, or a pencil skirt with leather lining along the sides. They look really nice together. Fabrics usually have a rougher texture, but they feel soft and feminine. Leather on the other hand, feels smoother, not as much texture, but they give out a much tougher look. 

Right,I'll end here. Just wear what looks best on you. Find clothes with really good cut and doesn't show pantie lines. They're not nice at all.

BTW, all photos are from FOREVER21, and they're all within 3 pages in NEW items. Just in case you are interested.

Now, why do forever21 look so unappealing in the Singapore store, but they look so good online!


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