Sunday, 22 September 2013

The perfect bread

Today I mastered the baking of perfect bread.

Well maybe not 100% mastered it, but kind of.

The secret is really to choose the right kind of flour. If you want bread texture, you are going to need 'bread flour'. Bread flour is high in gluten, hence it rise better, and give that bread texture. Now where to find this 'bread flour'? any supermarket! It'd be labeled as bread flour.

The next step is to use yeast. Now I've failed my previous bread because my yeast are probably all dead. So fresh ones is important. You could just use Kings instant yeast. The amount to add in comes with experience. For 1 loaf of bread, you probably want to use around half a cap of the yeast.

Seasoning: typical bread don't have much taste. So just add plain water to dough. Switch to milk if u want.. Add some herbs if u want too. Honestly.. Do anything to it. I am planning to throw some onions, ginger &lemon peel next time.

Tip though, food always taste better with something conflicting. So if u are intending to bake sweet bread, add a tiny bit of salt. Etc

Texture: you know the dough is the right texture when it feels like boobies. Ok maybe fats is the better term. But it should be really soft to touch, and is still sticky to your hand. It should not be runny though.

Leave that to rise in a baking tin/aluminum foil around 1 hr, and bake at 200deg around 15-20mins - depending on size of dough. Poke w Sth sharp.. If it comes out clean, serve.

Home baked bread tastes fucking delicious.

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