Sunday, 24 June 2012

Pink Nails

Hi again.

Ok this is not my nail today. This is my nails 2 days before I flew off to Malaysia. :P 

I realise that I quite like pink, just not hot pink perhaps. Anyway, I have no idea where this polish is made in, or what brand it is etc. An extremely nice guy friend of mine got this in Taiwan for me as a part of my birthday surprise! Totally shocked me. Hahaha, my boyfriend would never want to step into cosmetic store to buy this kind of thing for me. 

Ok maybe he would. Whatever.

Quality of the polish is really nice. I only applied 1 coat! Yes one coat, for that shiny, opaque finish. :D Highly recommend everyone to check it out if you're in Taiwan! Which I'm going soon...... hehehe

But it'd never be such a nice color. My bf loves to make me wear colors that either look like his wall or ya turn me into an alien. Did I ever mention that my boyfriend LOVES looking at me when I apply facial masks? Either green clay mask or whatver! He say me = alien = YAY

Now what color should I paint my nails? 

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