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Look of the day + In-dept June Bellabox product review

BAM! I kept thinking I've posted this already. Then I realise blogger auto 'draft' this post. Hmmm. I originally wrote this 5 days back! Haha.

Since this came late, I might as well do an update on some of the June Bellabox products that I've been trying! I've updated some details on what's on my face list, and will add on some more products at the end of the post. *Excitement* because a product which I thought I'd love turned out to break my skin out! :O 

In this post, I'm wearing sleek storm palette shadows! :D

Foundation:  Biotherm White D-Tox BB cream
I did mentioned this in my June Bellabox post that I really like it because it doesn't create casts etc. However, I totally missed out the part on its coverage, staying powder etcetcetc. So here it is!

Coverage: This is a light coverage foundation. It is so light, it appears lighter than some tinted moisturizer I've used. Definitely much much lighter than Asian BB cream. However, there is something about this foundation that makes my skin look pretty good even though it doesn't cover up anything. If you hate the feeling of being CAKED up, if you like slightly translucent, dewy finish, this could be just the one for you.

Staying powder: The staying powder is only ok I'd say. I always set my foundation with a loose powder if I have the time, so with that, it looks fine after 6 hours or so. However, if you are the one who sweats a lot, and does not like to apply loose powder at all, this BB cream might look TOO dewy after 3 hours or so. My skin type is combination, normal - oily for your reference.

Shades selection: Honestly, I didn't went on googling on this particular BB cream. However, the fact that the light colored foundation that Bellabox thrown in could look alright on my MAC NC37 skin shows that it kind of adjust pretty well! :)

Cheeks: Boujois Baked Blush - 16 Rose
Love this.

Brows: ELF Studio Brow Kit - Dark

I almost forgot I own this stuff until that day when I couldn't find my sharpener to sharpen my brow pencil. Man I love this ELF Brow Kit. Its so easy to work with, and it makes my brow nice. :D 

Eyeshadow Primer: Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Eyes Shadow: Sleek storm palette
I used the dark forest green color from the palette on my outter V, well actually two-thirds of my lid all the way to outter V. I used this color to create a 'fake crease' as well. I then used the gold shade from the palette in inner corner as well as centre of the lid.

I thought that I might get some of you wondering where I got sleek palette! Its not sold in SG! But I found a online webstore which carries it, at $20 only. 
Where to find this palette:

Eyeliner: Milani Liquify eyeliner - Black

Mascara: Tarte  Amazonian Clay Mascara

Lips:  Some baby pink lipstick from bodyshop which I cant remember the name + Dior Kiss Lipgloss

Now to the more indept review on June bellabox products..

Kiehl's Calendula Herbal Extract Toner: 
This is not the type of product that feels like water. It does have some sticky feeling to it, which suggests that it is more of a moisturizing toner. However, this product does not really double cleanse your skin as well. If you used any of the Skinfood toner, you might have noticed that when you've not clean your skin enough, your cotton pad would appear yellow/brown when you wipe your face with the toner soaked cotton pad. Kiehl's Calendula Herbal Extract Toner does not double cleanse as well as skinfood toner. However, this is a much more natural alternative. When you have already clean your skin well, this toner feels really good on the skin. The tip is to let this product sit on your skin for around 30 - 60 seconds before applying another Moisturizer for maximum effect.

Kielh's Midnight Recovery Concentrate:
I mentioned this on my previous post on June bellabox. I really liked this initially. However, my skin BROKE OUT because of this. Alright I'll give a little account on how I use this product and how I realise this is the cause of my break out. 

Before using any of the bellabox products this month, I've been testing out skincare/bodycare/shapmoos for my company. This is the series that will be newly launched in 2 - 3 months from now. I've been using it for around 2 months just to test it out and see if I liked it. My skin reacted totally alright to it, I almost had no break out at all. In fact my skin usually doesn't break out easily. 

So when I received Kielh's Midnight Recovery Concentrate, I was trilled. Because my company is doing a series of essential oil products too. I wanted to test it out and compare it a little for feedback. I stopped using my company products, and focused on Kielh's Midnight Recovery Concentrate. The first 2 - 3 days, my skin felt alright, still pretty soft. However, on the 4th day or so, I noticed a HUGE pimple on the left side of my face, along with some small bums all over my entire face. The worse part is that my HUGE pimple on left side of face looked like there is a GIGANTIC blackhead stuck inside. Even my boyfriend noticed it - mind you. my boyfriend can't even differentiate when I wear eyeliner a not. However, I did not suspect it's Kielh's fault, and kind of continue using it until the HUGE pimple becomes even LARGER.

I stopped using it immediately, and switch it back to my company testers 2 days back. My small bums are kind of gone immediately, but the huge bum is still there. D: MAN. My skin don't usually break out from products unless its the time of the month - apart from maybelline foundations, which breaks me out without fail whenever I use it.. So... ya I'm quite sad actually.. I'll wait for my skin to heal first though, then I'm going to try Kielh's Midnight Recovery Concentrate again. Hopefully no breakouts next time. D:

If you're interested in the product though, ask for samples please! I've seen a lot of great reviews. So if it doesn't break you out, I'm sure this would be a pretty good product for you.

Lancome Genifique Youth Activator:
This product is very popular everywhere, so most of you must have read reviews else where. Just my two cents though, this product is very easily adsorbed, it definitely does not appear oily or what so ever. I use this as a day time moisturiser, and I really like it. It makes my makeup stay on better somehow. Which usually, makeup stays a lot better if you moisturize your skin really well.

Lancome Blanc Expert Derm - Crystal:
I layer this on top of Genifique Youth Activator, and yes, moisturizes extremely well, and my makeup stays on my face like a happy girl. :) Should you spend 100 over dollars on these 2 products just so that your makeup stays longer? No girls you don;t need that. Just find a light moisturizer/use Skinfood hydrating ampoule. Does a great job too. I use Skinfood hydrating ampoule on all my clients, and their makeup always look great, lasts for entire night! 

Biotherm White D-Tox BB cream:
Did the review on top already, on what I'm wearing. :)

Biotherm Lait Corporel Body Moisturizer:
I use moisturizers on my leg almost daily because my leg gets really really dry. And when you have very dry skin, you have itchy skin. D:

I like that Biotherm Lait Corporel Body Moisturizer is light, and adsorbs into my skin pretty fast. It'd be really good for those who needs to moisturize the entire body. Because hey girlfriends, I know how it feels like to be naked for like 1hour, waiting for your moisturizer to dry. No I exaggerated on the one hour thing, but you get my point.... Apart from being adsorbed fast, nice texture, I didn't notice any magical thing that happened that makes my leg OH SO SMOOTH. That could be because I'm already using a expensive leg cream from Estebel as well my company's body cream which is pretty good. If you have very dry skin, please ask for a sample before buying Biotherm Lait Corporel Body Moisturizer though, because it has a pretty high price tag for a moisturizer! I'd probably just buy the Vaseline moisturizing lotion that cost less than 10bucks when I'm done with my Estebel leg cream...... Btw. Yes, Vaseline moisturizing lotion is a very good body moisturizer for its price. :D My uncle is sensitive to a lot of body lotion, but Vaseline lotion worked extremely well on him due to its light texture.

Ralph Laurent Romance Perfume:
I like this, my boyfriend like this. But I'm still in love with my Giogio armani aqua di gioa. :D Personal preference!!

Shu Uemura White Efficient Gentle Cleansing Oil:
Well, a very good cleansing oil! You know how it feels like when you are using oil stuff on your face sometimes? It feels oily - duh. and it feels dirty. Shu Uemura White Efficient Gentle Cleansing Oil feels pretty clean after washing it off. Infact, my skin feels pretty smooth after washing it. Removes makeup extremely well too. I'm someone who likes to go over any oil products with a good facial cleanser though. My advice is that everyone, please try to go through any oil based product with a cleanser. WHY: Oil based makeup remover could do the damage to makeup, melts it off, and its not natural/organic stuff. Imagine what happens if you do not wash it off well. It damages your skin girls. 

However, cleansing oils cleans your face much better than normal facial cleanser. That is why I feel that it is worth the money investing in one of these. A clean face adsorbs any product easier. That means a more hydrated skin, a healthy, radiant skin. Then your makeup stays longer too!

I hope this post is not OVERLY long, and hopefully its a little bit helpful! :)
HEY its good to read long posts during boring office hours isn't it! 

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