Friday, 1 June 2012

Penang Holidays + Why I'm Missing!

Hi guys! It's been such a long time since I pen (type) down anything here!

I went for a long holiday in Penang! Going for another work trip to Malaysia next month! Oh well but thats not the main reason for me not updating as often. The main reason is that I'm working, and I'm trying my best to kick off a healthy lifestyle.

Been trying to sleep by 12am everyday, wake up by 7.30am, go to work for 9 hours, and then I jog every night after my work now. On top of that, I cook my own breakfast, and lunch to bring to work. And ya, I still have a lot of clients to go through. Trial makeups, actual days, brides maids, interview makeups, wedding gown made to measure etc. I am just so overwhelmed!

This year has been a very emotional year for me. My mom had a major major surgery due to womb cancer while my uncle just had his surgery last month due to colon issues. Then my dad's body has been really weak. So I'm extremely determined to get healthy. I've also been paying my dad, my uncle visits alternately. So after working, I really do not have any free time at all. :(

So tonight its kind of raining! That is why I'm staying indoors. :D

But anyway, I'm quite pleased with my trip over all, apart from the last day since my boyfriend had a food poisoning.

I stayed in Paradise Rainbow Hotel, formally known as Paradise Sandy bay hotel. The suit we took up was a DELUXE PARADISE SUITE, which is 755sq ft. It looks much bigger than I thought it is! Usually I just go for those 1 room only type of hotel lol. Anyway, here's their website! :)

Here is the view from my balcony. They made each of their room facing the sea. So its really beautiful outside. The photos doesnt really show the background because I'm taking this against the sunlight. My camera is one of the beginner type and I dont really know how to adjust it to take very clear front and back.... lol.

Then this one I couldn't even see the back. :( Oh well its just the sun. This hotel though, is a little far from the shopping area. We spent almost 40-45minutes waiting for the bus as well as traveling to George town. If you could drive though, it wouldn't be a problem since the car rental is only 75ringgit! :)

I don't wear much makeup during the trip. Infact, I only put on some concealer, eyebrow and a bit of shadow. Sometimes I go out with zero makeup!

OMG. This is the frigging BEST Tandoori Chicken Naan I've had in my life. The chicken is just so soft and tender you wouldn't even believe its chicken meat. lol. This is from George town, just before you turn in to little india there. They had this huge banner saying they're no. one in Tandoori Chicken, believe them! They are.

Ok standing front of some temple.

More sight seeing in George town. Its super hot there. I'm so much tanner now! :D

One of their biggest mall in George town.

This is Kwey Teow Teng. Lol idk if I spelled it correctly but whatever. This stuff is so damn good! It doesnt taste like Sg one at all. its so much ticker, and it has so much more meat and well fishballs. :D

More sight seeing


Ok this is called birthday noodles. Good stuff.

Bak gud teh or however you spell it. Kinda weird though, there's no meat bones at all!!! But it taste really thick and good.

Claypot rice. They heated this up using a real claypot, they they pour it into a paper plat for you. Smart, so they don't have to collect the claypot and wash it. lols.

Ok. Our bedroom. :D Neat.

Hmmmm. this is like the last day so it has to be messy right??? LOL.

Living room. Ya I hand washed all my and my bf's clothes so they're handing all over, both in the house and outside in balcony!

Small kitchen so you could cook your own goodies! :D

Toilet. Yeh those are the toiletries I brought. Lol I bought lush bubble bar and bath bomb for the trip!!! :D Moisturised my skin so well. I'm really glad I bought them because my skin is super dry from all the walking-under-the-sun, swimming, and laying around the beach. :D

Bath tub. YES! This is the no.1 thing why I looked forward to the holiday! BATHSSSSS. :D

Anyway, for those who reads this blog for makeup related stuffs, I'm so sorry! I have a lot of looks done, a lot of techniques that I pen down on my little notebook to share, but the photos aren't good. As I said I work everyday now, so I had to take a photo early in the morning while the sky is still kind of dark. Some photos just looks too harsh or what so ever and IDK how to photoshop.

BUT! Please stay tuned! Because I'm going out with my bf to Shangrila hotel for a meal either tmr or the day after! Got a free meal voucher. :D Haha.. So most likely I'd post something on a romantic date look or first date look or prom look. Something along the line.

I also have quite a number of clients engaging me for interview makeup to be done. I'm also trying to get a interview makeup series out.

I know how you girls feel sometimes. It is so frigging hard to find a video or a makeup tutorial or whatever that us Asian girls could actually use everyday! I'd explain this in my makeup look post so shall not nag too much. :)

Have a great day!

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