Tuesday, 12 June 2012

June BellaBox open box + review!

Now. Okay. Open box & review happening together? Lol.

I received my bellabox on Saturday afternoon. The postman literally threw the box in between the metal gate and wooden door. But whatever I prefer it that way. So I dont have to call them or collect it. Luckily no one stole it though. :D Tumbs up.

Right! No more rambling! So This month's bellabox is EGGciting. 8 samples! 8 SAMPLES. And girls. I MEAN 8 HIGH END SAMPLES. I get what you guys feel when all you get is OPI hand cream.... twist bands..... Come on. bellabox = high end samples alright! So this month, the entire box is filled with 8 HIGH END goodies! Pretty good size I'd say too. 

Now lets get on.

Ok not like u guys are interested in this. We open the box and see the same thing all the time DANG.

And yeh same stuff.

THIS is what excites us! Lancome... Kiehl's... biotherm, Shu Uemura.

And a few more stuff stuck underneath the samples. Lol. So here's the full list of what I'm getting! :D

I like to look at the value we're getting. So here I am, calculating for you guys again.

Kiehl's Calendula Herbal Extract Toner
Price: 125ml - $54 / 250ml - $78 / 500ml - $110
What we're getting: 40ml
Value: $8.8 - $17.2, depending on what is the original size you want to get.

Kielh's Midnight Recovery Concentrate
Price: 30ml - $90
What we're getting: 4ml
Value: $12

Lancome Genifique Youth Activator
Price: 30ml - $130 / 50ml - $170 / 75ml - $210

What we're getting: 5ml
Value: $14 - $21.6

Lancome Blanc Expert Derm - Crystal
Price: 30ml - $175

What we're getting: 5ml
Value: $29.2

Biotherm White D-Tox BB cream
Price: 30ml - $70

What we're getting: 5ml
Value: $11.7

Biotherm Lait Corporel Body Moisturizer
Price: 200ml - $52

What we're getting: 30ml
Value: $7.8

Ralph Laurent Romance Perfume
Price: 50ml - $116 / 100ml - $146

What we're getting: 1.5ml
Value: $2.2 - $3.4

Shu Uemura White Efficient Gentle Cleansing Oil 
Price: 150ml - $58 / 450ml - $155

What we're getting: 20ml
Value: $6.9 - $7.7

Total value of June Bellabox: $92.6 - $110.6, depending on the size of product you might be considering to get. So Tumbs up! I'm very happy with this month's box. I literally paid $15 for $92.6 at least.

REVIEW: So here comes the review. Now I've only gotten this box on Saturdays. So I'm not going to claim I know everything. I have however Tried a few products and I'm ready to give a review of them, mainly based on their texture as well as my prior knowledge of cosmetic products.

Kielh's Midnight Recovery Concentrate:
I don't think I ever mentioned this before, but I used to work for an aroma therapy company, and I get to visit aroma therapy factories, know the difference of grades of essential oils etcetcetc. In fact I still work there now, and I love answering to anything related to aromatherapy. Sadly though, this company I'm working for is currently doing just home fragrance. However hope is not gone! They'd be doing a whole new line of skin care series, including 100% pure essential oil which is of extremely high grade. When I mean high grade, I mean it. I'm working for Jupiter Fragrance located at Bukit Merah central in case anyone of you are interested in home fragrance for now. Lol. Skincare range... I might do a review when it launches - which should be in 2 - 3 months. I've already been testing a few of their stuff now but I cant.say.what.they.are yet.

Ok. I got carried away by aromatherapy. Thats me. My train of thought is just. EVERYWHERE. Back to the concentrate. This bottle of oil is made of different type of essential oil including Lavender, Evening primrose etc.

Now I know a lot of us love Lavender because THAT is the THING that helps with insomnia that so many of us suffers. HOWEVER. some of us HATE it, because it just may not smell the way we want them. But this product is fine. it smells pretty mild and soothing, nothing bothering me. Lavender essential oil and evening primrose is also good for pimples/scars etc. Now this is what most don't know about. I have to say that this oil did made my skin a little better. I've used it for 2 nights straight, and I did realise one of my pimple scar look slightly better. The oil also sunk into my skin pretty quickly, and it feels really light. Which shows that it must be of a pretty good grade oil ( Now looking at the price, this obviously has to be good. ). For the price, its pretty worth it.

Note that good, pure essential oil ranges from $50 - $200+ for 10ml. This product is a pretty good blend of essential oil and base oil. It will improve texture of skin, and I'd recommend this to any ladies working in air conditioned room, suffering from some acne etc.

Of course, if you want anything purer/concentrated. Wait for the company I'm working for. Ok. :P

Lancome Genique youth activator:
I've heard so much about this stuff. And honestly. I'm scared to love this. Imagine 100+ dollars for around 2 months of usage? Hmmmm. Just on face. But first impression is pretty good! It gets adsorbed into my skin pretty fast. I used this in the morning before applying my makeup. I still need more time to experiment before giving a better review though.

Biotherm White D-Tox BB cream:
I wore this BB cream today. Now there is a difference between western BB cream, and Asian BB cream. Whenever we hear BB cream in Singapore, its like. Asian BB cream. And trust me, all my clients, I mean ALL. Are damn scared of bb creams due to the SCARY white cast. Because Asian BB creams make use of this sunblock/anti inflammation & thickening material called Titanium Dioxide. That is a very natural ingredient, however, it reflects light like CRAZY. That is how it bounce off sunlight and protects our skin against UVA/B++ etc. Western BB cream though, does not make use of Titanium Dioxide. It uses, well i cant remember what that thing is called. I wrote about sunscreen in one of the posts in Flowerpod forum, mentioned about it but I cant think of it now. There are just too many different names for Western BB cream! Ok!

Anyway it works by sorta reacting with the UVA/B++, it blocks the UVA/B++ and does not reflect as much as asian BB cream.

I've taken some photos while wearing this BB cream. Honestly, I'm surprised. This is SPF 25, and it has almost no white cast at all! :D

Taken without flash, by my window. No cast.

Taken with flash, in door. My flash is around my arm length by the way. Almost no white cast!

Of course, this BB cream is slightly lighter than my skin tone, so I had to add some bronzers on top of it.

In case you're interested in this makeup, its super easy.
I used the blackout from UD naked 2 all over my lid, blended with busted and then smooth it out a little with tease.

Lips again, my dior kiss glosses, LOVE IT.

Cheeks is just Milani baked blush in Luminoso.

Ok. Thats all for now, I'll do a favorite things from Bellabox so far soon, as well as another review on other products. Note that I skipped last month;s box because it arrived like 1 day before I flew off, so I didn't had time for it. I did however threw the box into my luggage and tried most of their stuff. I'd review them soon. :)

Hopefully this post is helpful!


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