Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Big Shampoo - Lush

So i wanna take a break from the body shop banana shampoo&conditioner which I love, and my company's shampoo which I love too.

Been using the big shampoo for 3 days in a row now. I shampoo at least once/twice a day btw so that's 5 usage.

The question: Does it make your hair from hair to HAIR?
No seriously we're just talking about the volume here, not capital letter issue. Lol.

Well not much difference for me though. Bear in mind if you are using moisturising shampoo usually, big shampoo could increase the volume by a little. Not crazy though.

Now a lot of people love big shampoo don't they! I don't!
You got to scoop stuff out via fingers, the sea salt gets stuck in your nails, and it hurts when you try lathering it with the sea salt.

I've read that big shampoo leathers well, bubble like crazy whatever. I SEE NO BUBBLES. Maybe I got to use a lot more of shampoo but what that means one tub of shampoo for 10uses? $30+++? Hmmmm.

Now the results, I'm not amazed. With 30 dollars spent I obviously am looking forward for a little more volume than what I am getting... Moreover the big shampoo kind of dried my scalp. As a result, hello dandruff....... D:

I'm gonna give it a full week usage and update a review if whatever I said changes. :)

By the way. No seriously, your hair is not going to look like what's in the photo :)

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