Sunday, 10 June 2012

Bronzed Makeup look + OPI Eiffel for this color & Essie Marshmallow Nails.

Hey there, so I'm here again! lol wth that intro sounds idiotic. But whatever.

I went out with my good friend yesterday, and I thought I should re-paint my nails! So I pulled out my Essie nail polish in Marshmallow - a shade which I bought but never tried before. :X

Ended up that the shade is pretty sheer. I took photo of 1st/2nd/3rd coat:

Yeh first coat. Its kind of uneven. But I'm not bothered at this stage because a lot of polishes are uneven via first application anyway. Plus I sat in front of my fan so the speed at which the polish dries is different, thus even more uneven shit.

Ok my index finger is the one with 2 coats and my middle finger gets 3 coats. So as you can see, the 3 coat is actually a pretty good color. Ring finger = 1 coat of course. If you had more patient than me and waited for the in between coats to dry completely before applying the next, your nails would end up looking better than mine. Ok.

And yeh did I say I wasn't patient enough? I went on and wear my clothes&stuff before the polish dries since I'm a little late already. DANG. all my polish got ruined. D: OH NOOO. its like the ugliest nail polish ever. So on the above photo you see the disaster..... Not the ring finger though, that's what I'm showing you next!!!! :D

I bought a new nail polish from OPI, called Eiffle for this color while shopping with my friend! I've been wanting something like this forever!!!! A dark shade that has a tint of purple, but not the blue tone type.

So this is how it looks like first coat.

Second coat. YAY. Looks pretty good! LOVE this! :D :D :D

Moving on to makeup. I didn't had time to take a photo of my makeup before I ran off to my meeting! So I took it when I'm back home instead. :) Of course I had to do some touch ups since I'm out for like 10 hours at least.

Before moving to listing the products used, look at my earrings!!!! I bought it while I'm out with my friend! OMG I LOVE THIS! If I were to make a what is my favorite post, that earring would be included.

Products used:

Foundation: Graftobian High Definition creme foundation - Golden Sunset & Vixen

I love this foundation! This is a ALL TIME MUST HAVE in my makeup kit whenever I do bridal makeup/prom makeup.. Whatever makeup it is, I always have a few of these. Cream foundations are extremely easy to blend, and creates a flawless coverage without looking cakey. Cream foundations is one of the only kind that allows me to contour at the foundation stage. Less is more, and when you could contour + foundation at the same step, it means 1 less layer of product!

Now this thing cost 15USD for 0.5 oz, which might seem like hey not bad a deal what. But look closely. 1 oz = 30usd. Which is even more expensive than a lot of high end foundations including estee lauder! But then again, this is pretty worth it because of the effect it gives. I didn't even use a setting powder above.

Cheeks: Too faced Ooh La Rouge - Avant Garde

 Not the best blush on earth but it does its job

Brows: Rimmel Eye Pencil - Hazel & Dark brown

Now if you noticed my brows looking a little different, I finally plucked my brows! Haha I hate plucking my brows because they're virtually invisible so I cant really be bothered. Moreover whenever I pay for brows to be plucked, they make a mess! One side of my brows would definitely look higher. UGLY. So I did it myself. Having a clean set of brows makes makeup application so much easier. 

When I perform makeup on my clients, most of the time they come with brows clean already. Other times I'd pluck a little for them if I brought my tools lol.

Eyeshadow Primer: Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Eyes Shadow: Urban Decay Naked Palette 2

All over the lid: Mix Half baked, chopper & snakebite
Centre of the lid: Chopper + half baked 
Inner corner: Half baked
Outter corner:  Snakebite + a little of busted
Bottom lid: Busted + snakebite
Brow Bone: Foxy

Eyeliner: None

Mascara: Tarte  Amazonian Clay Mascara

Lips:  NYX strawberry milk + Dior Kiss gloss - Red Currant

Nyx strawberry milk on its own makes me look like the most sick girl on earth. However, when topped with red currant lipgloss from dior, it gives me this slightly plumped, glossy finish, which I really love. Dior glosses are my FAVORITE.

This suns up my 3rd Urban decay naked 2 look. Lets call it bronzed makeup look. lol.

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