Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A day with my boyfriend

I was feeling random and hungry yesterday night. Well, like all other nights....

My boyfriend was studying, so I cooked myself some instant noodles.
Boyfriend: nom nom nom yumms
Boyfriend: no I didn't.
Me: Fuck whatever go cook new one for me.
Boyfriend: arg shit. k... how do i cook it
(Now I know my bf is up to some stupid shit again!)
Me: just add water, add noodles, wait for it to boil, add egg if u want, add seasoning.
Boyfriend: slow down.. I forgot the steps. what do i have to do? so i add the noodles and egg then boil?
Me: -.- no u add water first...................
Boyfriend: Do u remember me burning my kitchen down last time because I forgot to add water to maggie mee and I went to microwave it? OH! and I ever cooked maggie mee and forgot to put seasoning. Half way eating, I realise I forgot the step and I pour in the entire packet. then oh shit too salty so I had to throw everything away.

................ ok I repeated the steps in detail and forced him to the kitchen..

That's him. yeh. Serious.


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