Saturday, 13 October 2012

The last days

I've been a little emotional these 2 days, but just a little story here.

There was this old lady who sells newspaper around my dad. We'd change coins with her almost everyday. For some reasons, she really likes my dad and she gave me red packet money for chinese new year. Even though she only pass me $2, it is never a small sum to her. She only gets 2 cent per newspaper sold, 50cents per magazine sold and $1 per horse racing magazine sold. Despite being poor, she always has a smile on her face. She'd work everyday.

Few months back, she started borrowing money from my dad and then she stopped coming to sell newspaper. Money not returned and she disappeared. Apparently, she's really sick.

2 days back, someone visited and say the old lady's dead.

I don't really know her. I didn't even talked to her before apart from hi bye thanks. But I'm not taking this news too well. The fact that she is still borrowing money the last few days of her life just goes to show how helpless a poor old lady could be. There is no one around to help her. Is this our society?

Now she left, and I wish her well in the other dimension. She's a nice lady.

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