Sunday, 28 October 2012

Little one.

Sorry for being missing! But I'm really not feeling well emotionally lately. Too much things happened. Makes me wonder if justice still holds.

Gonna rant about sth totally unrelated to me being emotional.

Well I don't know if this is happening to anyone out there, but I'm a little scared of facebook at times. Yah not like I didn't go on there and peep at people's lives and wtf they're complaining. I just find it scary that whatever 10 years back is still there! your old photos, the old lame quotes you said. It is not like after a year or two, you're ready to move on. NO FACEBOOK KEEPS YOU THERE.

Ok whatever I'm saying.

Been looking through Facebook today, and man who is xxx yyy zzz. Most of the dudes over there, I don't even know them! -- The result of letting too many people know my facebook password. And the result of my bf adding random ppl for me!!

But I deleted like 20 ppl or more. And trust me there are definitely more than 20 ppl I don't know. Maybe 100. or 200......... And of those left, how many of them are close friends? hmmm...

Little one.


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