Monday, 22 October 2012

Yummy treats!

I dont know what to call this, but it's super delicious! My bf almost licked his plates dry :p

Stuff your favorite meat in cucumbers for a juicy treat with a bit of crunch.
Stuff it in Egg plant for a richer taste, or simply roll your meat up in rice paper!

To make your usual minced meat more flavorful, add some black pepper, half a tablespoon of butter, some chilli, sea weed, carrot, pinch of salt

Scrape the meat off your vegetables and replace with minced meat. Fry it, steam it or bake it.

Sauce: heat up your pan and add in all the scraped off vegetables, tomatoes and mushroom, chilli, pinch of salt.

I added the sauce on my noodles, but you could just use it with rice or the meat stuffed veggies!

It tastes so good. Trust me.


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