Monday, 1 October 2012

REVIEW = Inglot eyeshadow - 402 and Inglot blush - 20

Alright, I wrote this yesterday but the posting of this failed. So this is a re-post!

After making all of you excited about inglot cosmetics, I've finally tried the 2 products I purchased today. 

Just a quick summary here,
Where I purchase these: JB, city square mall
How much do they cost: Blush $38, eyeshadows $30; all prices in ringgits
How much do the palettes cost if I were to get them separately: I only asked the price for the palette that fits 2 pan, that's $18 ringgits each. 

 The blush comes in a plastic packaging like this, while the eyeshadow comes in a black box, pretty much like MAC's refill pans. Just that MAC's refill pan packaging is cheaper and their product is 1.5g while INGLOT's square pans contains 2.7g of product.

Their swatches above. Inglot blush in 20 is a nice baby pink shade which I don't have in my collection yet. :D I'd say the color swatch a little lighter than when it is in the pan. So be sure to purchase their item after you swatched them in store! This shade would be perfect for anyone with lighter skintone. I'd say the darkest skintone this would suit is NC37 in MAC. I'm around 35 - 37 but it works out pretty nice on me. I could totally see 2 of my good friends, Caibei and Huiyan wearing this shade. Huiyan is around NC 30 while caibei is around NC 20. Or 15. Go visit her website and you'd see how she looks like! I linked her at the right side.

L-R: Urban decay YDK, Inglot 402, Inglot blush 20.

YDK is the closest shade to Inglot 402 I think. But YDK is a much shimmery, and shiny color. There is a lot more gold shimmer in it. Which I realise that I really love this color! So thanks to inglot, now I love YDK more than ever. 

Inglot 402 is a subtle bronze shade. Many describe it as a taupe. A taupe is a shade with some purple/grey tone. A color that is of quite a dirty quality to it. Inglot 402 does have a slightly grey base, but none of purple. It contains a lot of bronze shimmer, and has a pearl finish. Not too shiny. For that reason, it is going to work as a nice all over lid color, but also a crease color. It is however, not going to suit a NC 37-40 because it is going to kinda look like your skin. Most of my clients are around NC 20 - NC 35 so this color is going to be perfect.

(Ok swatches obviously swatches failed. LOL I cracked my camera screen btw so I can't see how the photos turned out D: Pretty much only see it after I upload the files. :X 
But you get the point. :X )

So here is a clearer photo of swatches of similar colors to Inglot 402. Credits to

Alright moving on to me wearing them.

Hmmm photo not well taken, colors didn't really showed but trust me. There is color! And sorry about my hair and what I'm wearing. Its basically wet hair with pajamas. :X

Products used - 
Foundation: Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation - RF215
Brows: Rimmel brow pencil - Dark Brown + ELF eyebrow powder
Lips: Canmake creamy lipstick - 02
Cheeks: Inglot blush - 20
Eyes: Urban decay half baked in inner half of the eyes; booty call at inner corner of the eyes and Inglot 402 as crease color. 

A very natural everyday look. Good for work, shopping and anything and everything. Yeh


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  1. i would say mix up stray dog and ydk and you can inglot 402 :)