Sunday, 7 October 2012

Bridal Makeup & Photography - Kellysbridals

Alright, I mentioned that I did a bridal shoot some time back! Just got the photos recently, and I am to share them! :)

This is the first hairstyle I did for Vanessa. Since she's got quite a oval face shape, I chose not to add too much volume on the crown of her head. Instead, I pulled her hair quite low around the sides to cover her ears. This makes her face appear a little rounder. Since we're doing the entire  makeup and shoot outdoors, I had her hair bunned up and braided. Did a little back combing all around and compressed them. So when I let her hair down later, there would be a little bit of curl, texture and volume to it. 

Note: This is her 3rd hour let down hair. A little tip here: The volume would not be there if there wasn't any form of back combing before bunning up the hair! :) 

Here's a close up to the makeup I did for Vanessa. She's got her own Urban Decay Naked 1 palette, but she told me that she only uses SIN and DARK HORSE. So I decided to use my Naked1 palette on her! And teach her how to utilize that great palette! :
She is around NC 25 - 30 for your reference, and I used the following shades on her:
1. Sidecar all over the lid and on the front part of her lower lash line
- This color would have been enough for everyday look. However, I added in 2,3 and 4 just for the dimension of Vanessa's eyes since there is going to be photography done on her! :)
2. Hustle at the outer corner and on her lower lash line
3. Virgin at the inner corner
4. Creep on top of Hustle, but just a little bit to darken.

As you could see in the photo, I left Vanessa's double eyelid quite visible. And the reason to that is that she's got really beautiful eyes. When I met Vanessa for the first time, she's got really thick eyeliner. And she told me she'd draw thicker eyeliner out to accentuate her eyes. So I went on with a almost no eyeliner look for her. I feel that her eyes looked really big and filled with energy! :)

Gorgeous gown. This gown has got really pretty lace details on the train.
By the way, that's when I let down her hair! :) Pretty beach waves. And the trick? Braid your hair before you sleep! :)

Vanessa wants to try a moving shot. So she suggested running! :)

My photographer suggested this pose! Mysterious quality to it. :)

An evening dress to tie the shoot together. :)

I hope you guys did enjoy the photos! :D


Makeup artist: Kelly / me
Hair artist: Kelly / me
Model: Vanessa
Photographer: MK photography

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