Monday, 29 October 2012

Pumpkin Treats!

Halloween is coming up, and what could be better than celebrating it with a pumpkin dish!

Here I diced some pumpkins, mushrooms, a few chilli and a quarter cucumbers.

Really easy now. Heat up your sauce pan, pour some Olive oil, wait for it to get heated up, pour all your diced up veggies. Fry. Don't over fry though, just make sure a side of pumpkins is slightly burnt.

Add some cinnamon powder and salt to flavour.

Pumpkins could taste a little boring on its own. Mushrooms makes a great companion. My bf loves chilli, hence the add. As for the cucumber, this is where the juiciness come from! Hard to explain. YOU GOT TO BELIEVE ME IN THIS! It's good. Yummy.
Optional: add minced meat if you want to! If meat was added, do throw in some spring onion to give it a bit of taste.

Ps, fuck this blog is turning into a food blog :x

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