Monday, 9 January 2012

China Hospital

I talked about my mom's operation 2 posts ago, and I thought it'd be interesting to talk about the hospital over there.

I had to say it really sucked. Well maybe its just the one we're in though. But mind you its not bad a hospital over there already I heard. We were not in any village. Its a pretty nice city.

It was winter there but there is no heater at all. On top of that, the nurse over there does nothing apart from hanging drips. They don't serve food, no drinks, don't even ask if the patient was too cold, and of course, don't clean the patient's body. I had to clean my mom myself. Oh. Ya. They don't provide towel and piles too. So I had run out to buy them.

If that doesn't sound bad enough, there was a black out since 4pm - 12am the day after the operation. My mom was still under observations then. But everything that measures heartbeat rate etc, stopped working. I don't know how anyone with oxygen mask is going to survive without oxygen for 8 hours? Luckily my mom was awake by then. And the whole room was pitch dark. Again, the hospital does not provide anything so I had to rush out like a mad puppy to buy candles. They don't even have a torch, so I had to use the Spotlight from my Iphone to provide enough light for the nurse when she changed the drip.

The only good thing is that family members are allowed to stay with the patient at all times. But then again if you don't, no one cares about the patient so. ya.

Hmmm one more good thing is that there's only staircase in the hospital, so it is perfect for anyone who'd like to exercise. But exercising in a hospital? And... I'm not sure how patient in wheel chair travel up and down...... hmmmmm...... mystery.


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