Saturday, 7 January 2012

Photos, makeup stuff.

So.. PHOTOS! I didn't take much photos during the trip though. Partly because I keep forgetting to bring my camera out! :X But also we're lazy. hehe.

I'll let most photos do their own talking. Maybe add on some craps if I had more to say. :P

This man was jumping on the rod. ouch.

new phone cover! But it's dirty now so I changed to a new one. :D yay!

SPOTTED! I'm reading.

Church over there. Super pretty!

This is one of the rare days I put on some makeup.
- Milani liquify eyeliner
- Urban decay delux palette
- Canmake bronzer
- Nyx blusher
- Rimmel brow pencil
- Random lipgloss
Yeh I didn't put on any foundation because I was kinda lazy. I just want to run out of the hotel and do random stuffs!!

Church interior

See how the light reflects? Beautiful!

Yeh and I don't even comb my hair when I go out. Really. I didn't bring my comb, neither did I use the hotel comb. :! LAZY!

So... Makeup wise, as I said, I didn't use much.

I probably only used illamasqua rich skin foundation 3 times. Of which, I wore once to meet a friend there! The other 2 times I kinda forced myself to put on because I wanted to try how it works in winter. It is not bad, really. My skin usually peels during the winter. But Illamasqua's rich skin foundation was not too drying for me. I've read wonderful reviews of it being the perfect foundation for oily skin, but I see it working for dry skin too.

I'm wearing that foundation on the last photo, and if you zoom in that one, the appearance of my pores are obviously much smaller than that of first few photos. :) Mind you, that was around 6 or 7 hours after wearing that foundation, with ZERO touch ups. Not even setting powder. I'll continue to use it in Singapore, and write a fuller review on how it works in summer! :D

I've also found that PIXIE's eyeshadow palette is extremely useful! Not only is it compact, it is filled with everything I need apart from foundation! That 1 single palette did me enough for the entire trip!

However I had to bring along a smaller palette for touch ups outside since I LOVE rubbing my eyes! So that'd be Urban Decay's Delux Eyeshadow palette! :D

I'd update on more details on the next post! Time to really unpack everything and wash my smelly clothes. X)

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