Saturday, 14 January 2012

Makeup mistakes to avoid! Part 2

I've done a post on makeup mistakes to avoid 2 months back:

But I've found more mistakes now! May or may not be mistakes done by professionals, but these are pretty common. They're not like these crazy photos:
Matching Makeup sometimes could go Wrong Mismatching Mistake 5 Makeup Mistakes You should Avoid [MOST COMMON]
Celebrity Hair and Makeup Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them 2011-06-28 03:04:55

I'm listing 2 below, both found on a blogshop. I've cropped out their faces because I really have no intentions to embarrass anyone, just some things I see, and I'd like to share it.

So please do not be offended in anyway! :)

I'm sure we see this on the street a lot. So whats the problem? The eye makeup of this lady is pretty light so that makes the liner extremely thick and unnatural. It is also extended way to much. One way to save this look is to really tone down the eyeliner OR to extend the brows.

Now it is true that photography reduces around 20+% of the makeup. But that doesn't mean there is a need to brush on thick layer, to a point where we see a clear line between the skin and the blush color. This blush color seemed awkward in full photo as well. Why? The undertones of the blush and cheek doesn't match at all. A tip for this problem is to spend a little more time to blend out the blushes and to tap off the excess blusher before applying it. Look out for the tones of the blush as well. If you love pink/rose lipstick colors and that is all that you have, then buy some rosy/pink color blushes too.

Any makeup look would work somehow with the right blending and techniques. Yes, even this:

Matching Makeup sometimes could go Wrong Mismatching Mistake 5 Makeup Mistakes You should Avoid [MOST COMMON]

Because the colors are very well blended. The lipsticks are also well drawn. Well not for everyday wear though, silly advs only! :)

Problems I highlighted above is really common on a lot of blogshops, especially that they know they're going to be facing cameras etc. But bad makeup shows something too. How much attention you put in? Are you just trying to sell some clothes or do you care about the entire image. Trend setter? Definitely avoid the wrong skills! (:


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