Friday, 13 January 2012

More Photos

Ok. More photos on my trip. Probably the last bit of photos....... hmmm.

FISHES! yay.

Caught me touching up. Hahaha.

Love this place. Beautiful.

And. Of course. Got to end with makeup related stuff! :D That is my beautiful sister! Now guess her age......
Yeh she's 12. I took her before photo with my Iphone but I've yet to upload it. Like other teenager, my sister suffers from acne/pimple issues. She's got it all over her forehead, her cheeks. So, I invited her to be my model! :D I didn't have much tools with me over there, so I sorta done her entire makeup with Pixie eyeshadow palette and Illamasqua foundation. Oh and the lightest coverage concealer that I brought with me.

I'll try to upload a before/after photo. And you'd believe me that my family people really get acne big time.

Anyway, please do not be inspired to wear makeup if you are only 12. I did it because I wanted to see how well I could deal with her skin issue! Wearing makeup at a young age is not a good thing for your skin. D: boo.


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