Friday, 20 January 2012


:D :D :D Say hello to this cute rabbit I adopted! I'm not sure if its a he/she, but I'm suspecting that its a she because it's having moodswing now.... One day she's happy and she lets me carry her. The second day, she's in bad mood and she bites me. And scratches me.

Her name is Robert! Robert the girl rabbit. HAHAHA!! She's super funny. She'd stand whenever I'm walking near her and that she guessed I'm bringing her foooooood. But once she's done with all the food I have, she runs away and dump me. DAM!

I let her out of the cage whenever I'm home, so I could watch where she's running. Basically out, running all around my living room for over 10 hours a day! :D She's really smart. On the day I bought her a 'toilet', she knew how to use it. Super fast. I just put the litter tray in the corner she pees the most, and she'd run back to her cage whenever her bladder is full to let go. Smart hur. Pet shop lady was telling me I need to train her for 4 months?!

Reminds me of the rabbit dumpling I had when I was overseas. Super yummy!

And... Something to laugh at. lol......
I found this in my lift ok! So its not from some random internet. COMEON! NOBODY KNOWS HOW YOUR KITTY LOOKS LIKE FROM THIS DRAWING?!!!!!!!! omggggg. I literally laughed out loud when I saw this!! Is this serious? Seriously???

I'm not telling you what the black thing is. But its not shit. And the yellow boy leaning on the glass of lemon tea seemed happy about what he ate. :D

Sorry for the lack of posts! I'm super busy with my bunny, and some other stuffs. I'm really getting lazy these days! I'd spend 30min to get ready in the past at least, but now I'd only spend 5 - 10 minutes. I've been forgetting about my toner/moisturizer for nearly a week now already. And I think I lose my brow pencil.......... o.O

- Dam my rabbit is tickling my feet now.

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