Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! :)

CNY this year is a little different for me. Mainly because I don't have my family around me. So I had my reunion dinner at my boyfriend's house; first day in uncle's house and second day in my boyfriend's house again. Since I'm not going out with my parents like the rest of my years, I had no inspirations to do makeup at all. :( Honestly, I just woke up, clean up, applied moisturizer, and go. Normally I'd draw my brows.

BUT! I did drag myself to put on makeup today! On the second day. :) Because I had to meet my bf's relatives... his cousins, nephews, niece.......... grand niece. Had to give a good impression right!

Yeh me. I couldn't upload my face photo somehow. Maybe the internet doesn't want it up D: BOO. But yeh I did not get ANY cny clothes this year so i sorta wore what I bought long time ago..... phew luckily i could still wear it. HAHA!

Now on the first day.....
Now this car park used to be super full.
Empty street.
and I feel empty too. :( Walking on the empty street.

OK! time for something pretty. ok 3 things. no. 3 ladies!
Worked with these girls on their photoshoot last week! Its for their Valentines day collection. I can't show you guys all the dresses, BUT! most of us got sun burnt. Or at least 2 tones darker. :D So lots of effort okay! I love Bernice's fish tail braid. I did it for her! :D

Still super busy lately, I promise I'll update more, do more looks, dadidah.. etc. soon. :D How does 2012 makeup trend + looks post tmr or the day after tmr sounds? :D :D good eh?

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