Saturday, 29 September 2012


I went JB with my boyfriend and uncle today for some herbal duck that my bf went back and forth with me, telling me how delicious it is! Well it is good, but I'm more excited with THISSSSSSSSS!!!!!

INGLOT!! Omg before I went to jb, I was online, looking at the directory of city square mall. And no! I didn't see inglot being included. So I was kind of bleh i'm sad etc. 

5 minutes before I left JB, I looked down on the first floor. HOLLYSHIT!! I went down, and girls, if you're into MAC eyeshadows etc, its time to move on. Inglot produces such great quality, smooth eyeshadow that I was carried away! Obviously I got some things. 

I don't really care for the packaging some how.... 

I bought one of their eyeshadows in #402, and this is how it looks like:

Well not the most interesting color in inglot, but I went there with no research so I just picked something I feel would suit everybody. This may not be a shade that suits me the best, but it is going to suit all my clients - which is the most important to me as a makeup artist. You could screw up your own face and make yourself a clown but you wouldn't want to screw somebody's face up! Especially that I do wedding makeup most of the time. So should I screw anyone's face up, I'm gone. 

I'll do a review and reasons as to why I chose this color out of everything else. Which I kind of wish I chose the 3 color pans now but not too much regrets. :)

I got a blush too! in #02. I'm not a O BLUSH GIRL but I do enjoy the swatch of this well. 

I've yet to try anything on myself. Well I'm keen to try on asap though! Probably tomorrow. Who puts on makeup at 10.25pm? :X So far so good though, quality is good, smooth feeling. But staying power etc, I'll update it.

One thing for sure, I'm going back to INGLOT with some of my girlfriends. Caibei, you're one of them. :D :D :D 

Eyeshadow: 30 ringgits
Blush: 38 ringgits 



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    1. I don't know all the prices, but the pan for 2 eyeshadows/blush is 18 ringgits! :D So if you get 2 eyeshadow + 1 pan, that'd be $30+30+18 = 78ringgits. which is around $35 sgd. :D I think bigger pans aren't ex though, should be within 30 ringgits if I didn't remember wrongly.

  2. Whee~ Lets go and get one!!!:D

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  4. :D okays. <3 let me know when though!! need to do proper research on the shades this time!! I feel like a child in candy store when I stepped in to Inglot! :D