Friday, 11 November 2011

Makeup mistakes to avoid!

Hello everyone, for today's post, we'll be looking at some of the makeup works used for a advertisement. I'll explain where I got the photos, and my take on critics. Note that this is of total no offence to the model/brand/makeup artist who done these. Just some things I feel would have enhance the model's features better.

I saw this model's photo at a mrt station, for some shampoo brands. It is not the exact photo shown here though. The one shown around the train station has got some parts shadowed out and also with the brand name around it. I googled and found the original photo.

Anyway, the first time I saw it, I felt that something was going wrong! If you take this photo and zoom in a little, you'd notice that the eyeliner ends way too short than what it is supposed to be. Her false lashes ended quite a bit longer than her eyes. So eyeliner should be pulled out and then lifted instead of stopping somewhere in between. To avoid this, try finalizing your eyeliner only AFTER pasting the false lashes.

Also, the eye shadows. For her left eye, darkest shade seemed to be in the centre. But for her right eye, the darkest shade concentrates on the outer corners of her eyes!

Bronzer: Not blended properly. I could see a line of darker shade on her left cheek, which makes her face a little too uneven. And her nose could have been contoured ;)

Lips: well not very carefully applied. went a little too over for the upper left lip.

Well not much issues if this were everyday makeup because no one could stare at the makeup all the time and notice small details. But I feel that for advertisement, a lot more effort could be put in - Because a sloppy piece of advertisement gives an idea of a sloppily done product. And that is not a sweet thing to achieve after huge advertisement cost.

Hmm I can't really zoom in much for this one, but the obvious problem: Bronzer. It looks too muddy on her, doesn't achieve the healthy, sun-kissed skin. Instead, this portrays slightly dirty face.

Okay lastly, non-related to critics/makeup errors etc, but just showing some brushes lovely Grace got from me. (Yes I'm huge for brushes and makeup. So I tend to store brushes till I relize I have too much of them.) Just updating here on what each brushes are for. No standard rules though, these are just what I would have used them for! :)

Right: Blush brush for blushers/bronzers + contouring brush around the smaller areas on the face eg nose bridge.
Middle: Slunted eyeliner brush, could be used as eyebrow brush too
Right: Black hair one is used for blending, the white color one is used to create specific shapes since it is pointed nicely and firm.

Signing off with a photo of myself that I saw on my desktop. Wearing my wig. yeh.

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