Thursday, 27 September 2012

long long time ago

Well I wouldn't say I'm too sentimental. However little actions touch me so easily.

I used to teach tuition, well not now obviously, I don't even have weekend breaks now! But a student of mine emailed me yesterday to ask how I'm doing. I almost cried seeing that email. Not because I felt like I was being pestered duh. :X

I felt so touched that this student of mine would still remember me, considering that I taught him a few years back. And ever since I lost my phone, I don't think I contacted him.

Back then, he was having his PSLE, and he has some reading disabilities. It was extremely hard to make him read a passage, not to mention solving a mathematics problem sum or to write an essay! Many of his past tutors gave up on him, but that was never the case for me. Because I knew that he tried. Maybe not his best, but hard enough.

It gets really hard for a child to put in any effort if everyone around him just puts him down, telling him that he has reading issues, and that he fails all the time. The worse part is, his very own teachers in his school told him off, and said he should never dream of entering a secondary school because his grades are too lousy. However, he'd still attempt some of his homework I gave him. Well and he'd never be shy to ask me any questions. He'd chat about his problems in school, how people bully him and how he hated school. But he'd never forget to get me a present on teacher's day. He even managed to score over 70% for his mathematics paper, when he used to score around 30%. Of course, that brought him to a secondary school.

So screw those idiotic so called 'teachers' working in the school! I hate those morons who kept telling their students they're going to fail! Now WHO ARE YOU to fail somebody when he is merely 12? Some people people only reach their potential at 40 years old! (Ricky Gervais)

I'd always have a soft spot for this boy. He's in secondary school now, and I wish he's doing well.


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