Saturday, 22 September 2012

Sewing my own pouch!

I recently got a sewing maching! It is Brother BM2600 if you're interested in. 

This is sort of my first little project! Well not exactly first one since my first project was actually a pencil case for my boyfriend. :$ Which looks ridiculous since he always request for weird stuff to be added on top of all his stuff. 

Back to my pouch. I always had hard time finding anything in my bag! So i made this pouch to contain all my lipsticks, phone, ear phones, charging cable.. keys. 

HELL THINGS IN BAG! No escapes for you now.


Back. Ok I made a mistake! I wanted the pink color to be the back but I sew it wrongly. DAM!

Inside. As you could see, there are a few compartments. So I could put key, makeup, phone etc all in different places! :D

This is how it looks like when I fold it twice. Which is much nicer looking don't you think.

Hello to my metalic silver nails! :D Its essie Steel-ing The Scene. Pretty color. Been wearing it for a week! :D

Such an satisfaction to do something myself! :D my boyfriend was telling me that he wants me to make him a shirt, a pair of shoes etc etc etc. HELL NO! NO WAY! He's been saying he want to do my makeup one day too. No way. He'd then force me to go out of the house with the terrible makeup he's done.


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