Monday, 24 September 2012

Benefit Sugarlicious!

One of my new babies! 

Well I do have a lot of makeup stuffs. But I do feel the need to add on to my stash as a makeup artist. *EXCUSE* 
Ok lets take a look at the box. By the way now I have no idea if this is available in Singapore now. :X Haven't been to sephora for ages!

Comes with this nice box like all benefit sets. It's of the same size as the eyeshadow kit.

Looks the same inside. So idk why I bothered taking 2 photos. :x

Yumms. Comes with: Bene Tint, High Beam, Sugarbomb blush, Sugarbomb lipgloss, cheeks brush.

I've tried everything in this kit this morning! And I have to say it is a pretty good kit to play with! 

Bene tint is well known enough, but just to add on a little here.. Its just a stain that you could use on the cheeks or lips. It gives a very subtle rosey color. You could tone it down or intensify it. Smells like roses, :D

High beam is a liquid highlighter. You could use it under your brows, on cheek bones, around lips.. nose bridge... Or anywhere you want to highlight. It is pink based though, so it'd look best with ladies who has some pinky undertones. However, it looks pretty on me too! :D You just have to control the amount used, and blend it out.

Sugarbomb blush is well. a blush. Its a very well natural looking blush. On me, it serves as a highlighter/blush actually. I'm around NC35 now. Well I actually wanted this as a everyday blush. But I'm on the hunt for a good highlighter too. Which this happens to be quite a nice highlighter on me. So I'm not disappointed. :D

Ultra plush sugarbomb is the lipgloss! Oh my god. I'm turning nuts guys. When I first applied it on my lips, I smell this citrus-sweet fresh scent! Oh my god, Love it. LOVE. And then I was wondering. What scent is this! It smells really familiar to me! then I went ahead to make a cup of passion fruit peach tea for my boyfriend. GOSH! Head shot! It smells exactly like passion fruit peach tea!!! just a little sweeter. Passion fruit from bodyshop is my favorite body spray scent! And I felt like killing everyone in bodyshop when that scent is discontinued. BENEFIT, you saved my life~ 

Ok enough about the scent. Lets move on to the texture. It feels extremely smooth girls. My favorite lipgloss is from Dior. And this lipgloss is even smoother than my dior lipgloss. The texture of it feels almost exactly like butter cream. That oily-slippery-smooth feel. Now I hope this doesn't turn you off. :X

And dam now I want to buy all benefit's lipglosses...........

Wearing benefit makeup stuff today! nah I'll take a better photo w my better camera some day. I phone one for self portrait just don't work. 


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