Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Shoe shopping! Pedal works

I probably should ask my girlfriends out when I buy anything. But I went alone anyway.

Girls, Pedal works shoes is magic! I first tried it on a month back, and I could not stop thinking about how comfortable they are! They do not have trendy pieces, but each pair is handmade in Malaysia. Probably the most humble pair of shoes you could get today, considering their prices are below $100.

There is a old man working there, maybe not the most stylish person to work in fashion related store. But he is probably the most polite salesman I've met. He'd bring me every pair of shoes in store for me to try on, and he'd never force me to get any pair. Apart from saying, 'try both foot on! You need to be comfortable when it comes to shoes!'

Anyway, tried a lot from the store! But ended up with The pair i tried the first time a month back.
Damage: $70
But honestly, I only purchase 1 - 2 pair of shoes per year the most. Last year I spent $90 on a pair and I'm still wearing it now. A good pair of shoes is going to last a long long time!

It's been a while since I spent any money. Apart from my $2.50 lunch daily. But I feel so satisfied spending on a pair of comfortable shoes and humble workers who wouldn't mind the troubles to bring me every pair that suits.

the pair I want is out of stock now. So i paid the cash, got it reserved for me. I shall leave a picture of all the shoes I tried on! :)

Ps. Probably a few more pairs but the salesman already kept them before I took their photo.

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