Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Bridal shoot! Kellysbridals

Now I don't remember if I mentioned this before, but I own a home bridal rental service! 

I have been working really hard to get photoshoots/ models / photographers to work together. So its pretty exciting.  I've done quite a lot of shoots, but yet to upload any photos. :X Sorry for the delay!

But last month, a good friend of mine - Caibei decided that she wants to try bridal shoot for the very first time! Obviously I said ok. :D She's such a lovely friend of mine!

Just a little introduction for my good friend here! Caibei has been taking events photos for around 2 years, and she is a award winning photographer for Canon Powershot shootOUT contest, by this photo:

She's never tried any bridal shoots before and she's really nervous! Well I feel that the photos turns out pretty alright! Today, I have some photos which caibei released! :D Hahaha she just posted on her blog and I merely copied and paste the photos :P

Special thanks for Bianche, the mdoel, who also happens to be Caibei's good good friend! :D

Now wish I had real flowers prepared for this photo!

Me touching up the hair and makeup :)
A Vera Wang inspired dress.
Photographer: Caibei 
Makeup/ Hair artist: Kelly (ME!)
Model: Bianche

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