Thursday, 6 September 2012

Big hair with no heat!

Yeh. When my boyfriend saw me like that, he went... =O yeh that's his expression. Basically, he thinks I'm out of my mind! But no I'm trying out a no heat method to curl my hair! :D

Now on the results! :D

I didn't even tease my hair! Oh man, look at the volume! It's much better than when I use a heated curler! This set of curls lasted me for two days! Well the curls waved goodbye after I washed my hair. So it might last longer if you do not wash your hair. Moreover, I don't have to raise my arms and set the heated curler for each strand of hair.
PS: sorry for the little 'white' face there! I used BB cream, so it did appear a little white via flash photography.

 Front view. I went with a winged eyeliner that day. I feel that this sorta big hair is pretty 80s, so I'd go with a 80s makeup. :D

So yeh I guess it's pretty obvious how I managed to do my hair with no heat via the first photo of course. :D

What you need:
1. Hair rollers (You do not need the heated rollers. Any normal cheapo rollers would do.)
2. Hairspray

That's it!

What do you need to do:
1. Wash your hair and towel dry
2. Clip in the hair rollers
3. Spray with hairspray
4. Let your hair dry naturally. What I did is I just slept with the rollers on. By the time I wake up, its fully dried. You may also use hairdryer to blow dry! :)

Of course, if you roll your hair properly, this is how near your hair should look like
Yeh I know my hair looks sucky on the first photo. It looks completely in a mess! But I still get the results so whatever.


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