Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Pedal works - Shoe Review

Alright I went back to Pedal works the second day and I finally got my shoes! :D

Now I don't know about you, but when I look at other girls' feet. I feel jealous. Like LITERALLY. why.is.her.feet.so.small. And it always seemed like their feet is slim and quite 'not wide' in front, where your toes are. Mine are gigantic. Well not the feet itself, but the front part. 

I could never wear a pointy shoe because it hurts my feet like a bitch. Dam. I'm a size 7 when it comes to shoes, but in order for my feet to fit comfortably, i need a size 8 or 9!!! and then it'd be too long and I can't walk properly obviously. 

But Pedal Works! I had a size 6. The front part is really wide so it's super comfortable. 

As you could see, there's this 'wave' like pattern on the sole. It feels like a sofa. Seriously. You kind of feel like you're stepping on a freaking sofa while walking in this shoes! 

Its not a very high heel, but over 8cm for sure. Yet man o' man, its soo comfortable!

yeh side view. So.comfortable.

Girls with big feet or weird sizes, pay them a visit seriously. I have never EVER! felt that heels could be so comfortable :D The only problem is that they dont have trendy pieces. However, they're all office appropriate. well I'd gladly wear them out!

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