Monday, 17 September 2012

Alcohol free Reed diffusers

Yeh that pisses me off so much today! Guys. if you're on a hunt for a reed diffuser for your home, don't ever believe in the bullshit called - alcohol free reed diffusers. You are the biggest idiot if you believe you could actually find a diffuser that is alcohol free.

Now how is the scent going to diffuse if it's alcohol free???

The only difference between a good reed diffuser and a bad one is solely the type of alcohols used. Is it the perfumers alcohol? Or is it rubbing alcohol..... or the alcohol that you drink. Rubbing alcohol gives the fragrance a more 'fake' smell, but it spreads just like perfumer's alcohol. Rubbing alcohol is also more harsh to your senses if you sniff it directly. So you should ask if there was rubbing alcohol instead.

Should you even shop for any form of diffusers, don't even ask if there is alcohol because it makes you sound like a fool. When you're told that a reed diffuser is alcohol free, it only goes to say its rubbing alcohol free. Does the alcohol matter?! NO! The only thing alcohol does is to carry the scent around. Rubbing alcohol is the only type of alcohol that you do not want in your diffuser because the scent of it could spoil your nose in long run. Other 2 types are safe.

Alright actually the word 'Alcohol' is enough to piss me off today.

In cosmetics, rubbing alcohol is used to make ALL your powder makeup products! That includes powder foundation, eyeshadow, blusher, bronzer. Are they going to kill you? NO! They just disinfects your cosmetic products and dissolve them, so the colors mix well together.

Come on everyone should know alcohol is just something that ends with a -OH group. Think about it. /is it possible that anything is actually 100% alcohol free. not much possibilities when it comes to perfumes etc.

I pity girls selling perfumes sometimes too. Imagine people asking, 'is there any chemicals inside?' Fuck you! Obviously you need esters and ketones in perfumes! If there is no chemicals, there is no perfumes for.gods.sake.

Oh well sorry for the rant today. I'm just sooo pissed off when people go: 'Is there alcohol! Any type! If there is alcohol then I'm not going to get it anymore!'

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