Sunday, 27 November 2011

Dengue Fever, Red eyeshadow look.

Hello, I hope everyone is doing well! Anyway. These few days were really bad for me! I was so scared, nervous, just feeling so afraid! My boyfriend was admitted to the hospital.

He's been having fever on and off for a week already and we finally managed to persuade him to visit the doctor. It was then the doctor suspected that he's down with Dengue fever. Admitted to hospital, true enough. Had blood test, drip etc. Only done with all the checks around 2am and we had to visit the doctor again on the second day 8.30 am! I had only 3 hours of sleep for almost everyday this week. :(

He's pretty stable now, luckily, finally able to eat a bit more than rest of the week. Hopefully nothing happens and that he could go for his exams tomorrow.

Anyway! 2 days ago, a client of mine asked if I'd apply pink/red eye shadow on my clients. I said no, because it is doing to appear 'alien'. Pink/red is definitely workable though, I've always add a little bit of pink to my brides, or add a bit of red to some other colors. But just red or pink alone, I'm not sure.

So as soon as my boyfriend got better, I hopped onto my computer, and found some looks for red eyes!

Everything apart from the eyes are kept pretty nude/naked. But what do you think of this red eye look? Would you wear it out?

Our beautiful Lindsey Wixson with the red eye shadow. Well I don't know about you, but I'd not wear this out. Not just because of the red eye shadow, but the invisible brows. This is definitely a runway look, no where near everyday look.

Take care.

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