Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Photoshoot - With the girls! (Bernice's makeup) + A little of my makeup bag!

Hello, today I'm going to be showing you behind the scene for Bernice's makeup! :)

I have no idea what I was doing there. Probably foundation with my MAC foundation brush?

Haha sorry for the jump, but this is the almost finished look for Bernice. It is a navy blue - dark purple - glitter look. I'm putting my finger under her eyes to prevent fall outs by the glitters. And yes, the palette on the bottom right is sephora's eyeshadow palette.

Curling her lashes now, yupp RED lipstick! :D Bernice told me she hate red lipstick and she kept pleading me to tone it down after I applied it for her! But I think red looked sooo good on her! She looked so sexy. Seriously, once the photos are out, you'll know what I mean. Model face!!
Red could look good on everyone, so don't be afraid, just throw a red lipstick on!

Now, does my eyes look -.- beside Bernice's O.O eyes? OMG yes it doesssss. my eyes are -.- totall. Really tied that day! My eyelids are drooping! tsk.

AND Tedah! a little bit of my makeup bag!! :D

The colorful , filled with pinks palette is actually my blush palette. I threw a few eyeshadow to it because I'm too lazy to find another palette for the eyeshadows. Moreover, blushes are safer like this! They won't slide around like monkeys! :D then you see some foundations, eye cream, moisturizer, ampoule, HAND SANITIZER! Really impt to keep a hand sanitizer. If your makeup artist doesn't have it, please allow her to clean her hands first or just hope that she doesn't touch your face with her hand. Or something......

Stay tuned for Grace's makeup behind the scene; and the photos from photographers when they're out!

Photo credits: Grace, Bernice, me. Photos taken by Grace's canon digital camera; uploaded on her facebook.
Model: Luvest girls; http://www.luvest.com/

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