Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Photoshoot - Photos out!

Hello everyone, I'm sharing some 'faces' of the photo shoot last week! :D Remember? This is the shoot done with the 3 lovely girls! And, I just got the photos from the photographer. :)

Inspiration? HOLIDAYS! :D :D :D

Debbie needs to attend a birthday party for a grandmom after the shoot, so I was nice to her, I gave her a pretty wearable look. Well, more of a bridal type of makeup actually!

Added gold glitters to the inner half of her eyes and also, a rine stone at the inner corner of her eyes. :) Such a lucky girl!! Her boyfriend was with her, and he seriously can not keep his eyes off her! :P

Grace was my first face to do that day. And she was super scared when I'm done with her makeup. Reason - I blended a very blight gold color and a dark navy blue on her eyes. Which are 2 really extreme colors! Not only are they directly opposite in the color wheel, one is bright and one is really dark! PLUS! I added a purple color to her lips, together with purple blush. So she probably thinks she'd scare everyone.

Well all I could say is that a makeup look takes you time to get use to it. Because you look at your bare face/ the normal way you apply your makeup. So when you see someone new - you - , you panic and wonder who this is, and how unlike you, you are. So you need some time to get use to the new look.

But for everyone else who sees you the first time, they don't see the changes. All they see is how gorgeous, eye catching you are. :) That is also why sometimes you may not agree with your makeup artist but others really love your new look!

Bernice. I really love the way she look here. Very sensual. I went for a deep dark purple look, with some dark purple flecks on her eye lid. And some gold shadow in the inner corner of her lower lash line. Went for a pretty 'unblended' look, which looks really different from a typical smokey/dark eyes. :)

Signing off with this gorgeous looking photo! I really love the color combination of this photo!
- Slightly blue toned pink paired with yellow toned background. and earthy green shades. Stayed true to how I 'painted' Grace's face! :D

Makeup artist: Kelly / ME http://disbgilbpretty.blogspot.com/
Models: luvest girls, http://www.luvest.com/

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