Thursday, 24 November 2011

Random Thursdays?

Hello! The weather is getting really bad here these days. Sunshine in the morning and then transits to rainy cold afternoon in no time. The worst part is not my running routine being spoiled, but my bf who fell sick for the second time within a week already! Fever. Fever. I've been sneezing forever too!

So drink lots of water, wear lots of clothes everyone! I've been walking around with jeans and long sleeves pretty much everyday now! And my friends were complaining about not seeing my legs forever. Haha.

Nice song for you to listen to if you were sick right now, just like me. :)

Anyway, went to do makeup on a bunch of energetic girls for their prom night yesterday! :) Had a great time just talking to them. I hope they had a wonderful night, and make it memorable for life. Everything in my jc probably sucked to me other than my friends. Prom is like the last meeting as school mates! Everyone's so busy nowadays, we could barely find a date we're all free at the same time.

I'm so busy all the time that a friend of mine texted me today and said I was heartless for not asking her out! SORRY! I'll try to put in more effort, okay! :)

Anyway, did this makeup for fun the other day. Obviously, this is a eyeliner look, and it probably wouldn't be the most suitable for everyday wear. But who cares right? We got to find some fun for ourselves when we're bored - or supposed to be studying/cooking/something...

I'm thinking of dying my hair to another color. Should I? Which color now? Hmmm, did I mention that a gd friend of mine said my hair color looks old? D: But, new hair color a not? Surprise surprise~

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