Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Face Chart and Look for Fashion Shoot

Hi, I'm showing case of what I've done for a fashion shoot this coming Saturday. It is with the Grace again, they're doing outdoor shoots for Christmas!

Christmas definitely reminds me of GOLD color. So that is what I did with my face chart, gold... Then I added a very dark navy blue on the outer corners Purple lips, purple cheeks.
Yes! I did that face chart and yes, the brown marks around = my coffee stain D:

I tried that face chart I did on myself later. I went a little crazy on the gold color because I really love gold color and I'm just too excited I guess. =X

This is definitely not going to be the final look on our Grace! :) There will be changes here and there for sure, else no surprise right? :P

Stay tuned for more face charts like this! :D I'd also upload the photo of Grace wearing this when we're done with the shoot next week.
(Please credit me when using my face chart though! Coffee stains shall not go to waste X= )

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