Thursday, 3 November 2011

Nails of the day + Face chart (Purple sparkles)

Today I'm showing my current nails as well as a face chart done for the second model for blogshop! :)

I did not know what exactly I want, but it turned out pretty good! Quite happy about it. :D
Polishes used: Faceshop color: BL607 for every nail; Milani Jewel FX Nail polish - Gem on ring finger.

Yes! This is another face chart I came out with. Supposed to be a little more purple though, I got to train a lot more to get use to my camera! :)

ANDDDDD. This is what it turned out to be on me! :) I did not go with the bottom lashes because I couldn't find one then! Supposed to have a lot of GLITTERS in the center, but I think I lose all my cosmetic glitters!!! GOSH hopefully I have time to get some before Saturday.

And, if you're wondering why I covered the other side of the face, I only had one side of my face done. I left the other side of my face un touched because I was in a rush to go out. So I only want to put on the makeup quick, take some photos, wash off, RUN!

Hmmmm maybe I'll release my done vs undone face photo. But I look hideous. My boyfriend laugh so hard, and I think I look like ghost on one side. :X

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