Sunday, 20 November 2011

Makeup brushes + NEW HAIR!

Hello! Its been such a hectic day! I had two clients today, one morning and one evening. Both brides! ;) They looked stunning in their gowns! It is no wonder that some single ladies couldn't wait to take photos of themselves wearing gowns! Because its gorgeous! What do you think? :)

Ok so I finally got my lazy arse moving yesterday and decided to wash some of my brushes! Yes you're right, SOME. I have a few sets of brushes to interchange so I usually just change to a clean set when I'm moving on. I always try to clean brushes after each client but come on sometimes we get lazy right?

Well whatever it is, just make sure to change to a clean set of brush on each project if you are a makeup artist. Simply because after 1 or 2 days, germs could make used brushes they homes! D:

Ok I'm literally stuffing that coffee bun into my mouth before I gt ready today morning! HAHA omg I think I look like a tweety birddddd!

Ok so by now you should have noticed some hair on my forehead. I cut my hair! Um, how do I look. :P

I did a really fast and easy eye look because I was in a rush today morning, well every other morning when I have clients! So that is a eye look using urban decay naked palette. I can't even remember the shades I used. As for the lips, idontknow, probably some random gloss......

I'm so used to putting shadows on nowadays. It comes naturally. I should try just putting on eyeliner. Or nothing else.

Anyway. I don't know about you, but I suck at listening to sad songs. This probably sounds stupid but I cry whenever I listen to a sad song, especially when it's gt a sad MV too.
EG this song. Cry baby.

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