Sunday, 6 November 2011

Photoshoot - With the girls! (Debbie's makeup)

I went for a photoshoot with the previous blogshop again! :) This month, they're doing a shoot for the Chic Magazine, for their Christmas collection. High cost advertisement, so makeup and photography is definitely a important factor for them.
- Would you rather look at a online store with unprofessional, DIY self taken photo with no makeup OR professional photos with great makeup. ;)

Behind the scent for the first photo, and then Debbie's final eye makeup for the second photo.
These are taken by Grace's Canon camera and Debbie's personal camera respectively. I've yet to receive the ultra clear and fine photos from my photographer, Mark today. So stay tuned for updates!!

AND YES!!! We did everything in The Coffee Beans and Tea Leaves! :D Super random, we're such attention seekers. :P Just kidding. But it was such a fun thing to do over there! I'm sure everyone enjoyed it.

Been such a tiring week though, I've got so much clients getting married, D&D and such. (No photos of clients because well sometimes you don't want your photos all over the net right? :) So the best I could do is to upload pretty photos with my beautiful models; highly motivated blogshop owners) But a great week seeing pretty faces and nice smiles from everybody. I love all the girls! :D

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