Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Sephora Haul - Actual + Looks + Glitter usage guids

Hello everyone! So, my Sephora items has reached!!!! :D

Now yes these seem quite a bit, butt. I have another 2 items which are not photographed. I'd feature them in another post though. :) Super careless, gosh I actually forgot that I got those 2 items! So instead of showing a photo here, I'm going to do another post on them so you guys could see them clearly!
To see the individual items in this pile, please refer to my post on Sephora Haul - Preview:

Of course, I had to try those stuffs immediately when I get them! :D
So I used one of the quads in the tarte starlet makeup vanity. It is the first one, yes the smokey black one:

And I had NARS Shanghai Express on my lips! Gorgeous color!!!

On my face, I used Bare Minerals kit, the foundation, bronzer and everything else in that kit. Except the brushes. :D

Anyway! Christmas is around the corner, and the first thing that came into my mind when it comes to makeup/nails/whatever: GLITTERS.

We all love glitters for holiday seasons, don't we! However, use them safely. There are several grades of glitters in the market - Art grade glitter, Cosmetic grade glitter.

Cosmetic grade glitter can be expensive, a 5gram jar could cost $10 in Sephora, and that is the cheapest you could find in Singapore! Either that, or NYX 2/3gram would cost you around $5.(Find it at http://smoochiezz.com/ or http://korea-spree.blogspot.com/)
These glitters are safe to use for makeup, they're usually cut rounded around the edges of the glitter sphere.

But be ware that some colors or types are not suitable for the eye or lip area. So do read the instructions!
That is because some colors could cause irritations to your eyes. It is also important to put a base coat to 'stick' the glitters to your eye lid because it could irritate your eyes should any glitters fall off into your eyes - even if the glitter is safe to be used for your eyes.

Art Grade glitters are definitely a NONO for your eyes! Or even skin!
The obvious reason being, art glitters might not be disinfected! So they might carry bacteria. But that is not the only reason! Art glitters are often not well cut. They could be really rough, or squared around the edges, making it extremely dangerous if it fall into your eyes since it could 'cut' your eye ball. Yeh.
The colors for art glitters might also be bad for your skin since most of the glitters for art grade actually bleeds! So imagine these on your skin! Its really bad, and I definitely do not recommend these to be used on the skin.

The good thing about art glitters though, is that you could use them on your.........
YES! NAILS! But do keep a base coat in case these colors bleed and stay on your nails.
Anyway, art glitters are ok for nails! So there is no need to spend $$$ on expensive cosmetic grade glitters on nails! (: Get yourself some clear polishes and dip the brushes into the glitter to use them. They could look much better than glitter polishes since most glitter polishes don't contain that much glitters anyway! :D

So.... GO CRAZY with glitters this holiday season! But stay safe.


  1. Hi,

    Do you happen to take all the photos using camera flash?
    The contrast looks awkward, and makes the makeup look detached from your face.

    If the you're taking photo at night, and the room is too dark even with lights on, i suggest that you use a table lamp.
    If possible use two, once place 1-2m infront of you, the other diagonally to the side. Distance depends on how much shadow you want on your face.

  2. Yes! Took them with flash because I happened to test a lot of makeup at night, really really late at night. :/

    Thank you so much for your suggestions! Is there any camera settings to take note of though?

    - Kelly