Tuesday, 18 October 2011

2011 Halloween Look #2

I came out with another Halloween look for this October! :)

Again, nothing fancy, just using tools you already have. - foundation, eyeshadows, gel eyeliner, lipstick.
Inspiration: A old, dirty doll.

Spare me if the photos are not the best! It is really hard to get good lighting in my room!

I stippled on the foundation instead of brushing them in to press down my eyebrows. Contoured my face using dark grey eyeshadow together with my usual bronzer. Dark grey color would only work if you are creating something old and ragged. I wouldn't advice grey as cheek color for daily makeup! :X

Then drew a fake brow much higher than my original brows using gel liner. I used my foundation to sculpt my lips such that it look slightly smaller, then applied a dark red color.

I then used grey eyeshadow to brush through my face to give that dirty look. As for the eyes, you really only need black eyeshadow! :)

Super easy look.

Ta dah! Full outfit. Again, sorry for the background, my room isn't that big after all! :)

Are you going to dress up for halloween? Or would you stay at home.... just like me. :P

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