Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Sample Store 'Haul'

SO! I got some samples from thesamplestore! :D
Products I've got:
1. Bioderma Makeup remover. I've heard RAVES about this product and not sure where I could find it! Glad to see this sample popping out and OF COURSE i HAD to get it!
2. Lolita Mineral Makeup. Well I have no idea which company this thing is from etc, so I just google searched it. Still found nothing much, but anyway I got their oil control powder sample just to try it out. :P
3. Ichikami sampoo&conditioner. Been wanting to get the full sized item forever!! However I've got the most sensitive scalp, and I get dandruff like crazy if I use the wrong shampoo. So I'm glad I got a sample of this to try out first. Apparently this product is Sakura scented! Can't wait to use it.
4. Lioele Beyond solution bb cream. Hehe I got this also because I just cant get enough of makeup! :P

Anyway I'm really pleased with thesamplestore! I got my items within 4 days of my order, and I only paid $3 for everything, inclusive postage.
Stupid Bellabox, I've yet to get my box now!? And I paid $15. Apparently its with the post office already though. Got to call them again on Monday I guess. I mean why could thesamplestore deliver my items so quickly when I only paid $3, while Bellabox, which is supposed to be more high class took more than 2 wks! What is the point of me paying 5 times more then. Give me service that is 5 times better too!

More photos like this coming tmr!!! :D
Will be showing some scarfs I got paired with this outfit!

I'll also do some reviews on the products I gt frm thesamplestore once I tried them out. :D

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