Saturday, 8 October 2011

Look 2 + Bellabox / Bella Box

Second look using urban decay 15th anniversary palette! :)
Eyes: Midnight 15, Half Truth, MIA
Lips: OCC liptar, Banjee (I love this color! Perfect orange I was trying to find for the longest time! :D )
Tips: Balance out the cool-tonned eyes with a warm lips! :D

Exciting news: I signed up for Bellabox sg / bella box sg! :D Its basically a copy of birchbox in USA.
Bella Box VS BirchBox
Basically, they collect a monthly subscription fee from you and send you high end samples each month.

I'm not sure if it is worth it since it cost 15sgd/month. PLUS, they don't have much partners. To be frank the only company that attracted me was OCC. Well I'm giving it a try though! HOPEFULLY I'll get a OCC liptar, and hopefully again, they're not banjee/femme because I already have them!

Apparently they're sending things out on the 10th October which is in 2 days time!! So wait for my review next week!

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