Sunday, 23 October 2011

OOTD for office ladies + Styling tips with scarf

Fall is coming, and I gt so inspired that I bought 2 new scarfs! And... I thought I'll share my styling tips it with you! :D
(Now yes, yes I know theres no fall in Singapore, but shopping centres are so cold!!)

I paired my scarfs with a classic office wear today:
Basic white top: H&M
Black bodycon skirt: G2000 (I think)

1. Green Scarf. This green color scarf reminds me of Christmas! It is of the exact color as Christmas trees! It is such a neutral color so it is perfect for office!

In this photos, I just coil the scarf around my neck. A tip here though, try not to make the scarf too tight around your neck otherwise it'd look soo stiff. Also, show some of your neck so we kiss our round faces goodbye!

Hehe trying to get friendly with my flower here.

Full body shot: I paired my attire with a pair of black wedges because I only want the scarf to stand out, so keeping anything else muted. Also, black heels could never go wrong. Right? :)

To accentuate the green scarf even more, I paired my attire with a dark maroon colored belt. Since they're contrasting colors, adding a red belt also balance the entire look a little. You could try wearing a maroon colored heels if you don't have a belt.

Haha nw u know the set up in my tiny house.

Yellow scarf: I wasn't sure if I'd like this one at first, but upon trying it on, I FELL IN LOVE!

This scarf has gt its colors nicely balanced. If it were just yellow, it'd clash with my skin tone. But adding a touch of purple is great! I feel that this scarf makes such a nice pop of color for a dull office wear!

Full body shot. Again, I go with the black heels because I don't like the idea of having too much color in this set of office wear. You still want to look serious! Right? (:

Well we could never miss out the makeup part!! Because it is my favorite.
I didn't have much idea on the exact makup look I was going for, but I know for sure that I dont want anything too earth toned. Now office life is getting boring with just the earthy shades!

I used Wet&wild coloricon eyeshadow collection in Petal Pusher for this eye makeup. But any purple eyeshadow quad would do. Just make sure that the purples doesn't contain too much pink undertones.
I went pretty light on my cheeks and lips because I feel that a office lady would look a little too fierce if red bold lips and they might appear too much of an act cute with hot pink cheeks.
Cheeks: ELF studio blush in twinkle pink, Stila bronzing powder
Lips: I suck at remembering what I used!! gosh, but I think it is Revlon colorburst lipstick in candy pink, topped with Sallyhansen Lacquer Shine in Ginger.

I hope you enjoy the post and had a wonderful wkend!

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