Thursday, 27 October 2011

Review: Lioele Beyond Solution BB Cream; Lolita Mineral Makeup; Bioderma Makeup remover

Hi, today's post is going to be a review on the goodies I got from thesamplestore! :D Quite some photos today, I really hope these helps!! :D

1. Lioele Beyond Solution BB Cream:
I drew a line in between using my brow pencil so you could see the diff easily! (:

Left side: No BB cream
Right side: Lioele Beyond Solution BB Cream
Well, fair coverage, it did managed to mask a little of my veins. However, as you could see, this BB cream does reflect some light and it really does make the right side whiter. Not a photo friendly product for sure. Besides that, I also find that this BB cream is extremely hard to blend! I really got to work it onto my face when I applied it.

My skintype: Combination; Normal - Combi I'd say
This is how my face looked after wearing it for around 7 hours. Well, it stayed on pretty well, but noticed how oily my face looked? I did touch up a little in between because I was out and I really don't want my face to look too shiny. Take a look at the photo below: Where I used a setting powder to matte out the left side of my face:

Noticed that the left side of my face doesn't reflect too much light and the right side went totally crazy with the reflection.

Conclusion: I will not spend my money on this particular BB cream. However, it could work with you if your skin is fairer; and that you have a dry-combi skin type. Never get this if you have dry skin because then you'd pull your skin more to blend it. IF you already have this foundation, and you don't want to just throw it away, mix just a little bit of moisturizer so it blends easier.

Lolita Mineral Makeup:
This is what I used for matting out my face X)
Lolita Mineral Makeup! Its not the smoothest setting powder on earth, but it does a pretty good job in mattifying my face.

Conclusion: I'm not sure how much this cost but if it is under the $15 price range, definitely grab it. Otherwise ELF does the same thing :P

Bioderma Makeup remover:
Yes! I look funny don't I! Haha.. I removed my makeup using Bioderma Makeup remover. And I am really really impressed!!! Removed my makeup well, plus it does not feel oily or heavy at all. It just felt like water!

Full face makeup removed. And... Guess how much of the product I've used:
YES!!! its like only 2ml?! The sample is 10ml btw. So I think I only used around 2ml of products and my makeup was totally gone.

Conclusion: I was blown away! Definitely picking this up AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Just got to double check where I could get this baby.

Say hello to my Clarisonic! :D I used Clarisonic to clean my face after using Bioderma Makeup remover. Really quite impressive! This brush head is often brown had I not used proper makeup remover.
Clean clarisonic.
Clarisonic is my LOVE.

I hope that my reviews helped! And no complains tt its too long! X)

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