Sunday, 16 October 2011

No photos today yet, but I've got a nice song to share here.

Following - Chunking

Had been listening to this song on loop for months! This song is beautiful, but sad one, a very peaceful song.

Lyrics here:

Well you don't wanna start
But I don't wanna wanna cry
I'm not getting tired of you

Well are you getting over
While I'm getting by
Leaving all the times I've thought

What we had, of course it makes me sad
That is when I say to myself

I won't be following
You were just borrowing me

Just one more cup of coffee
Before you have to leave
This room's not getting tired of you

I'm hungry for familiar
Look forward to my bath
Underwater time machine knows

Where you'll be,
I hope you think of me,
Even though you say to yourself

I won't be following x3
you oooooooooooh

I won't be following
What we had, of course it makes me sad
We could be wrong, maybe we belong


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