Tuesday, 25 October 2011

October Bellabox

YESSSSS!!!! The title. My October Bellabox is FINALLY hereeeeee..
(I have another post for today actually, but I had to do the bellabox first because I've been waiting for it for weeksss! So come back tomorrow if you'd like to see a fall inspired makeup + thesamplestore product review!)

Story: My bellabox is supposed to reach me 2wks ago or so but I waited, and waited, no postman arrived. I emailed bellabox and got a tracking number. I called the post office immediately but they needed the delivery slip! WHICH. I obviously don't have because that freaking postman never even come!

So, I went to the post office myself! and... DEMANDED for my bellabox! :D :D It was really easy for me to spot my bellabox because it is the only big and pink thing there. :P

This is how the box looks like.

Then... Another box inside a pink box. It is like... w00t! I'm gonna open the pink box and get my surprise ~~ then the green box said, 'NO WAY! U gt to go through me too!!'

Naughty green box. :D

And then the same old trick, here comes another layer of white wrapping paper, 'and go through me toooo'

Ok there's also a piece of paper whr they tell you the products you're getting and also notes from the bellabox team.

Naughty white paper that's stopping me from viewing my gifts!!


This is how it looks like when I opened up everything.

L - R - Down
Aveda Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener
Aveda Light Elements Smoothing Fluid
OPI Avojuice Skin Quenchers
Oscar De La Renta Esprit D'Oscar

Now... See the problem here... There is 3 hair products out of the 5 Bellabox sent! D: It is supposed to be a beautybox and I was hoping and hoping for some makeup products then I realised there were 3 that're hair products, 1 hand cream, 1 perfume and 0 makeup related stuff.

Hair products: I don't really care for hair products because my hair is still short now, plus I don't like it when my hair look too sleek and shiny, that makes my face look flat. But I'll still give these products a try! Because I paid $15 for the box remember....

Hand cream: I don't normally apply hand cream because Singapore is so hot, I feel that hand creams can sometimes make my hand feel oily. But I have to say I like this one I got. The scent is really nice and it doesn't feel sticky. :D

Perfume: I love fragrances! LOVE smelling good. And I think I could be loving this one that I got. I'll wear it for a few more days and if I still love it as much I might buy it. Just got to make sure that my bf doesn't mind the smell. :D hehe. Girls you don't want to get something you love then your bf hates and then he don't want to hold ur hands right :P

I'm not happy with this month's bellabox, but then again, hopefully they're coming out with brilliant products next month. :D We'll see how it goes!

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