Monday, 31 October 2011

Photoshoot - Model's Look

Hello, I'm showing case of the makeup I've done on my beautiful models last week! :)

As mentioned, I did their makeup in the dark, so I really wasn't able to see well. D: Luckily their looks don't sway too far away from what I pictured!! :D

This is Grace, a very cheery, pretty girl. She already had a full face makeup on already that day. However, when I see her, she did not have much contouring done on her face. Neither did she had much blusher and eyeshadow color on. Well that means she might appear washed out/'flat' on photos. Which is not what we want because they're shooting for a blogshop collection! :)

What I did was to really just add on the bronzer and a little bit of blusher. I also darkened her eyeshadow. Since Grace doesn't have much double eyelid space, I tried to add on definition through creating a 'fake' crease, which is what you could see on her in the photo above.

Products used:
Eyes: Wet&wild eyeshadow palette - Comfort zone + Urban decay naked palette - Sin
Face: Canmake bronzer; can't remember the blush, I just grabbed a random one that day! Sorry!!
Lips: Revlon soft nude

Debby is a extremely kind looking lady! And I she really is alright! :D She had half face makeup done when I met her. Revlon colorstay foundation and some eyeshadow on.

Now I want her to look slightly fiercer, so I tried to create a little more arch on her eyebrow. Didn't do a super obvious change on her this time though because I didn't have the proper tool then. All I had was a brown powder and a very light brow pencil. (I went to this shoot last minute! So I only had a few items with me to work with!)

Also, Debby has a very slim face which makes her look really kind especially that she also have slightly droopy eyes. (Now don't get me wrong, Debby is extremely beautiful with no makeup on too!) So instead of contouring to make her face even skinnier, what I did was to contour upwards, that is to say, we make her face appear shorter/rounder.

As for her eyes, what I did was to really just bring the liner upwards so she'd look more confident. I also blend the eyeshadow upwards so she have a rounder eye shape.

Eyes: Wet&wild palette- Comfort zone
Cheeks: Canmake bronzer, her own blush, ELF studio blush - Twinkle pink
Lips: OCC liptar - Femme topped with Revlon colorstay lipgloss - Hotpink

Bernice is the only one who appeared with totally no makeup on. She is gorgeous! However, her skin is really pale when I see her in the dark. So the first thing I did was to find a foundation that is much darker than her, with a slightly orange undertone. I apply that on her jawline, and blended upwards. Also applied it beside her brows to create shadow. But the most important thing here is that I'm giving her a slightly sunkissed look. I also contoured her nose with that darker shade.

Bernice looks so sweet! And I really want to keep it. What I did was to thicken her brows slightly, giving it a little more arch. As for her eyeshadow, I tried to elongate her eye shape because her eyes is pretty big already! :D

As for her lips, Bernice told me she was afraid of bright colors. So I gave her one of the brightest colors I could find in my kit that day. :P And I told her she looked great with bright colors!

Eyes: Wet&wild palette - Blue Had Me At Hello
Cheeks: I mixed different shades of foundation for contouring; topped with a little bit of ELF studio blush - twinkle pink
Lips: L'Oreal Color Riche lipcolor - Volcanic, Sally Hansen Laqouer Shine lipgloss - Ginger

Another shoot with them coming next week! I'm definitely spending quite some time thinking of face charts/ louder look for them. Stay tuned okay! :D

Photography: Yuehan
Models from:; they've yet to launch their collection for these looks though!

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