Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Bellabox + More Canmake Lippies!

I either don't fall sick at all, or I fall sick big time. It might be around a year since I'm seriously ill. Had to be rushed to the A&E of TTSH last wk bt of course I didn't tell anyone apart from bf. Yet to finish the medicine though.. I suspect its just some sleeping med because I felt so giddy and sleepy eating that!

I still go office when I'm sick, still went for makeup jobs when there's appointments. I think I'm giving myself some time off. Maybe 2 days of holidays. Speaking of holidays... I might be going for a trip on behalf of my company soon! :D for 3 days.

And on the brighter side, I'm meeting one of my best friends - Caibei tomorrow! :D I realise that I really really miss going out with my grilfriends! Pleaded guilty that ever since I moved house, I almost never really went out with my girlfriends! Like I did once in a while, but travelling sucks to me, and I've been bombarded with makeup, work, school, makeup..... etc. Then I went out with CHY (another of my best friends) last week and I realise I MISS SHOPPING WITH GF!! It just doesn't feel the same shopping alone or with bf. So, looking forward to tmr~

My order from bellabox came! :D This is the first time it came, and I'm home. Finally. Normally I'd need to go down for collection myself. And by the time I'm free to go, everyone has received it and it's been 2 weeks since the delivery failure.

So here it is!

They sorta upgraded their box to a much better quality. I really like this box far better than the first few months! :D

Nice ribbon here - personal touch. lol

Yupp so now you know what I got.

Ok of course I've yet to try anything there, because I'm sick and lazy~ But I did open up the lipgloss. The color. Ok just isn't what I'd wear. I wouldn't call it suck first. Shall talk about it in another post.
But I do enjoy receiving a hand cream. Being independent means lots of housework and washing. My hands has never been this rough. :(

Ok, Canmake.

Bought a new blush! Honestly do I need a blush? NO. I have like 50 blushes to finish up! But I really do like canmake's blushes. I had one by them years back, and I lost it. Initially I was like, meh, just another stupid blush that does nothing special. But then my recent discovery of the canmake lipstick makes me want more Canmake! If that makes sense. :P
This color is 01 btw. :)

Bought the other 2 Canmake Creamy Touch Rouge! I was considering if I need the 2 colors for a really long time! Then Caibei was like telling me she's considering too.

IDK what happened to me but I just had this rush, that I NEED THIS. So I went to Watsons while I was still sick just to get these. :D :D :D omg yeah!! No regrets. I realise that I don't have any lipsticks that could dupe these - And that is surprising because I could have 100 lipsticks!!! :D

01 Mashmallow Pink and 03 Sweet Cherry.

Mashmallow Pink. Ok doesn't look like its any special here~

But this really looks good on lips!

This is how the color shows beside a red color - Nice baby pink shade, maybe with some blue undertones.

Besides a blue color, there is a tinge of coral in it. Very pretty. I'd be showing you more swatches later on!

Sweet Cherry. Looks like a red color with coral undertones? Let me tell you, its much more than that! :D This could be one of the most wearable red I've come across!


W my red nails, its pretty obvious it has a pinky, coral undertone

Is the pink more obvious now? :)

Top row: Revlon Ravish Me Red, Revlon Kiss Me Coral, Revlon lip butter Candy Apple, Canmake Sweet Cherry
Bottom row: Revlon Pink in the afternoon, Revlon Pink Pout, Revlon lip butter Strawberry shortcake, Canmake Mashmallow Pink

Well initially I really had no idea those 2 colors would be any special, and I'm pretty much convinced - by myself - that I must have something similar! So what I did is that I went to Watsons, and grab some of their lipsticks from various brands, swatched them, and see how the shades compared. That is how I realise Candy apple actually has some pink in it which is really rare in a red lipstick, while Mashmallow pink has some orange undertones which at first glance, I thought its just blue toned.

I hope this helped, or at least some tips to comparing shades the next time you decide to buy something! :)

Wobert and Whino are good friends now! YAY!

Yes I let them run around pretty much everyday. They stay in the cage at night though because they bite my cables like crazy. I've spent $200+ to replace my spoilt cables they bite off! :(

But I still love them, and I am so happy they are getting along pretty well now. I finally could put them in the same huge cage. they don't even fight for food! :D Bonding them took me a month or so though. I may just dedicate a post to rabbit care and how to bond new rabbits together - which I tried to find online but all the suggestions suck and didn't work out. So stay tuned! :D Or email me if you need to know urgently. :D

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